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How it work

Iamchatrine have over 30 years experience working in the fashion industry. Building business, flagshipstores and international e-commerces. Iamchatrine have also worked with many of the major high fashion brands on the market, as well as collaborated with hotels, restaurants, museums, Music event and Record companies.

This is how iamchatrine does it:

  1. We offer you 1 hour free of charge analyse of your business, store or e-commerce.
  2. You contact us with your requests and we set up a meeting with you.
  3. Upon your agreement iamchatrine will start to work.  
  4. We contact many of our collaborators, for ex. if you need fix up your store, we will offer you a visual merchandiser who can help you with advice how to maintain and enhance your assortment and how to think when you purchase new collections.
  5. We can also offer you help with lightning, PR & marketing, and advice how to sell more and with the best service service.
  6. If you need any assistance with your e-commerce iamchatrine will analyse your site, by going through the design and categories, as well as advise you how to develop your business with apps and services that can be useful for you.
  7. If you starting up new and fresh we can advice you how to start your business, which companies you need to contact to begin with and what you need to aware of and how to market yourself.

This and much more we can help you with, even though you have a small budget, let us help you. Our experience is that it can be more costly if you don't know where to start and how to proceed. There are many solutions out on the market but you need to pick the on that is working for your business not the other way around, so to speak.

Many small fees that may be unnecessary can be expensive and eat up the budget that you have and can delay the major steps that you need to take.

*For the moment we are only able to take on projects in Sweden and Scandinavia.


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