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About Me!

Fashion is my cardio! Animation is my adrenaline!

Passionate working with fashion, building e-commerces, stores, (and I am crazy about making animations). I have been working with over 300 international high end brands during many years and established flagshipstores and e-commerces. I love to work with people, service and to consulting your company or your style! I am always in pipeline with new projects and following new ideas. I prefer unique style over fast trends and believe that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten : )

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I have consulted several large fashion companies as well as many customers with their outfits and wardrobes. I've also been working many years in management and I've been in charge of buying fashion collections, home collections and head of Visual merchandising. I've collaborated with many famous brands and companies within fashion, hotels, restaurants, museums and record companies, so if you need any assistance, welcome to contact me! 

Clothes are not going to change to world...


...The women who wear them will!

-Darling, I can't help that I am a stiletto, in a world full of Uggs. 

-Give the Girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.
-Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.
-In order to be irreplaceable, one always must be different!

#marilynmonroe | #cocochanel | #andfriends

Jump off cliffs and build your wings the way down

This is my life - crazy animations and my precious family

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Animation is like painting for me. You can always create something new even if it sucks!


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